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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


QHHT Practitioner Jeffrey Ashur facilitates connection with your higher consciousness.

Meet Your Practitioner


Hello, my name is Jeffrey Ashur  and I'm delighted for you to explore  QHHT with me.  In our first contact, the focus is on your most important questions and the life situation that brought you here.   Qualified by the  Dolores Cannon  QHHT Academy in Arkansas, my practice rests on a foundation of broad New England education with degrees in Physics  and Music Theory from Holy Cross , an MSEE from Northeastern University in Boston, along with various other  study at BC, BU, & The New England Conservatory of Music.   

Crop Circles are clear evidence that we are supported by higher consciousness.

How did QHHT find me?

 By a string of synchronicities,  QHHT entered my awareness  and resonated with my  broad experience in other personal development areas.  I hold certification in Strategic Intervention life coaching by the Robbins-Madanes Core100 program, as well as advanced studies in consciousness research at the Monroe Institute.  As I apply Dolores Cannon's hypnosis technique,  my empathic facilities and intuition serve to enhance the focus on your life situation.  I bring all of my tools and understanding to your session to ensure the best possible QHHT healing experience we can co-create.   As an active practitioner, I frequently confer with other practitioners in confidential forums  to discuss our experiences for mutual advancement.  Since there are  infinite possibilities that present themselves to us in session, we strive to prepare for the unexpected with an open heart.      It's important to know that  QHHT sessions must be conducted  in-person unlike coaching or other modalities which may take place remotely.  Also, if we have issues connecting in person or perhaps if our difficult schedules do not align, then I will strive to connect you with a practitioner who is more accessible to you after an introductory chat.  

Earth is going through a consciousness shift.  A New Earth will emerge as we heal ourselves.

The QHHT Experience


Studying with the  Dolores Cannon  Official QHHT Academy is central to mastering this method of profound healing .  Many clients have  benefited by connecting with the power of their higher mind to achieve positive change and dramatically improve their well being.   As we explore realms of our consciousness that reside deep within, we may access healing that is truly astounding.  To quote Dolores "there is nothing impossible with the Subconscious."  So often, you will hear the phrases "Mind over Matter" or "As Above So Below".   These ideas echo what  we've learned and continuously see  in this practice -  our outer world is an expression of our inner world.

As a practitioner moves you through your session, past moments in your present lifetime or experiences in past lives are explored to shed light on the origins of discomfort and/or to reveal what brings joy and harmony in your life.  One often  emerges with a feeling of lightness and empowerment.  Spontaneous healing is completely within the realm of possibility as well.   In essence there is an infinite universe of possibilities in how healing may emerge for any client.  

                                     (See  "What is QHHT?")