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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


QHHT Practitioner Jeffrey Ashur facilitates connection with your higher consciousness.

Meet Your Practitioner

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Ashur  and I'm delighted for you to explore  QHHT with me.  In our first contact, the focus is on your most important questions and the life situation that brought you here.   Qualified by the  Dolores Cannon  QHHT Academy in Arkansas, my practice rests on a foundation of broad New England education with degrees in Physics and Music Theory from Holy Cross College, an MSEE from Northeastern University in Boston, along with various other  study at BC, BU, & The New England Conservatory of Music.

Crop Circles are clear evidence that we are supported by higher consciousness.

How did QHHT find me?

      In a string of synchronicities,  QHHT entered my awareness  through other QHHT Practitioners showing up in my research.  The idea of healing through the subconscious mind resonated with my  broad experience in other personal development areas.  Since I hold certification in Strategic Intervention life coaching by the Robbins-Madanes Core100 program, and have pursued advanced studies in consciousness research at the Monroe Institute, discovering such a strong path to the subconscious felt like finding a pot of gold. It felt like all of  my work prior to this discovery had actually groomed me for this path to mastery in QHHT.  

       So I  followed this spark of interest to the  Dolores Cannon Official QHHT  Academy which is essential to entering  into this powerful healing  method.  There, I learned that many clients have  benefited by  connecting with the power of their higher mind to achieve positive  change and dramatically improve their well being.   As we explore realms  of our consciousness that reside deep within, we may access healing  that is truly astounding.  To quote Dolores "there is nothing impossible  with the Subconscious."  So often, you will hear the phrases "Mind over  Matter" or "As Above So Below". These ideas echo what  I've learned  and continue to see as I practice.  Our outer world is truly an  expression of our inner world.  


Earth is going through a consciousness shift.  A New Earth will emerge as we heal ourselves.

The QHHT Experience

     Currently I perform Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with my intuitive empathic facilities that enhance my perception and understanding of your life situation.  With these techniques I can formulate the most potent questions  to ensure the best possible QHHT healing experience we can co-create.   I consciously bring all of my healing and coaching tools to your session.   

     Active in the healing arts, I frequently confer with other QHHT  practitioners in confidential forums to discuss our experiences for mutual advancement.  Since there are  infinite scenarios that show up in session, we strive to prepare for the unexpected with an open heart.      

     It's important to know that QHHT sessions must be conducted in-person unlike coaching or other modalities such as distance Reiki which may be received remotely.  
   As you are guided through your session,  scenes from past lives or past moments in your present lifetime are explored to reveal  the most appropriate information that serves your purpose.  

   Once we have progressed through one or more past or present life experiences, we engage in a conversation with your higher consciousness or Higher Self.  Here is where we invoke much of the healing since it is a source of information and potential  for the improvement you seek.  We may ask it why a certain condition exists so that corrective action can be taken.  And if appropriate, we can also simply ask for the healing to be granted.  It is nothing short of amazing what can take place during and after a session.     

   There are many ways one emerges from their session - most often  there's a feeling of lightness and empowerment - or a dramatic release of the old energies that no longer serve you.  Spontaneous healing is completely within the realm of possibility as well.   In essence, there is an infinite number of ways healing can emerge.  

     So as we elevate our lives one session at a time, it is said that the whole of human kind rises with that one healing.  How will your healing contribute to the higher consciousness of a new Earth?  

                                     (See  "What is QHHT?")