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Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about QHHT?


QHHT is modality of healing through hypnosis which accesses the power of the Subconscious.    Dolores Cannon  pioneered this method as a certified hypnotherapist through practicing decades of past-life regression therapy.  Having written over 20 books on her extensive research into the power of the  subconscious  documenting numerous sessions, she is regarded as a giant in the realm of consciousness research.  She has discovered that it offers the possibility for a person to heal themselves without involving invasive procedures or prolonged psychotherapy sessions at great expense to the individual, or even pharmaceuticals.

 With the awareness of why we are experiencing a particular life situation, it is possible to relieve the discomfort associated with it and heal the cause rather than only gloss over the symptom. The dominant prerequisite to receiving a QHHT session is that a person must be able to speak and hear clearly with good  command of the language of the practitioner. Also, one should plan on a day when there is no pressing schedule commitments so as to ensure that a feeling of relaxation will be achieved throughout the meeting. Additionally,  recreational drugs or alcohol are  not  recommended and should not be taken any less than 1 day prior to your session. ***

                                                                                                                           (See "What's QHHT?")

What happens during my QHHT session ?

QHHT is  Past LIfe Regression Hypnosis in Boston for profound healing and discovering your purpose.

You'll be guided into a deep relaxed state or trans in which your earlier life, past life, or life on another world will come into view and illuminate your understanding of your current life situation.  You will gain an understanding of what life experiences, emotions and traumas have led you to this point in your life.  With the knowledge of why  you are going through a certain challenge, a potent release can take place leading to relief.   It has to do with learning a lesson at the soul level and leaving behind what no longer serves you. Through this release, it is possible for you to  find spontaneous relief and healing. 

Often it's up to the individual to accept this release so that whatever pay-off  you get from your dis-empowering situation (ie., excuse for not being able to work etc.)  is understood and dismissed.  If the individual does not chose to release the pay-off,  then it can hinder their healing experience in that area.  That's why your practitioner undertakes a deep conversation with you in order to find the root of your concerns and help to remove your "buy-in" to these pay-offs. 

Can I be hypnotized?

QHHT is  Past LIfe Regression Hypnosis in Boston for profound healing and discovering your purpose.

Everyone can be hypnotized one way or another.  It is nothing more than a heightened state of awareness during which one may feel completely conscious or somewhat asleep. If you have ever driven a car or watched TV, you have been in such a trans state.    In fact, you achieve this state in the same manner as you would a daydream.  You experience the same images and feelings you'd get just before the time you fall asleep at night when pictures and scenes fade in and out of your mind.  

It's important to know you're always in control and will never do anything you don't want to do  or be asked to do so.  Many people feel completely awake while in trans.  That is understandable since a trans state is simply a heightened state of consciousness.   Being aware of the conversation during your trans state is actually a benefit to you since it will assist you in your post-session interpretation of what has just taken place in your subconscious experience.  

*** Note: Your practitioner will never advise you to stop any doctor prescribed medication.  You're advised to always consult with a licensed medical professional for any change in your medication. 


How long does a session take? 

   *  A session typically takes 4 to 5 hours.  No strict time limit is imposed on your session in order to go into as much depth as we need to for a comprehensive and effective healing. 

What is the Higher Self?

  * The Higher Self - or SubConscious, as Dolores Cannon referred to it - is essentially the soul consciousness that resides in and drives your physical body.  The Higher Self, active in the spiritual dimension, is connected to the divine source and acts as a link between the Divine creator and your evolving soul.  It can be an immense resource of wisdom, intelligent insight and knowing that can be brought forward to help with fulfillment and discovering purpose in your life. Your Higher Self can answer any and every question you have when appropriate for you.   It knows everything there is to know about you  in this lifetime you're living now and in all past lives. The Higher Self will reveal information most appropriate and of benefit to you.

Is more than 1 session needed?  How many sessions are appropriate for me?

  *  Your session is a very powerful and life changing experience.  Dolores Cannon advised that one should not become reliant on this method or in any way addicted to it.  So she advocated generally that ONE session would be sufficient.  Where there are significant changes in life situation or a desire for deeper exploration, it is completely acceptable to have more than one session.  It will be up to your higher guidance to determine when it will be appropriate or feels right for you to have additional sessions.  It is best to discuss it with your practitioner. 

Do I need to believe in reincarnation or past lives  for QHHT to work?

  *  No matter what your belief system is, all that is important is that you consider that the experiences that come into your mind at the time of the session are meaningful and relevant to your questions.  Consider asking yourself these questions: Why do I have an imagination? and Why can I have vivid experiences internally within my own mind? and Why does a particular scenario with particular detail appear in my conscious mind?   There is a reason for these questions which in my humble estimation leads to the understanding that we are given these ideas insights, images and feelings intentionally - by our higher consciousness.  For that reason, these internal experiences are real and meaningful.  If you consider that we can have prior incarnations, it certainly can help to dissolve any judgement or resistance to receiving information clearly during your trans state. 

How do I best prepare for my session?

  *  Spend some time contemplating your most important issues.  I like to categorize them in 4 areas:  Emotional, Relationship, Physical, and Spiritual.   Formulate your questions and write them down on a page or 2.  Bring these questions with you to your session because you will review them with your practitioner in detail.  Often just the exercise of considering your issues in some depth is very beneficial and you will almost always receive much benefit from your initial interview conversation with your practitioner. 

Can I bring my Spouse or Friend to see how it works?

  *  No.   Dolores Cannon emphatically advised that this session is your session.  You must be able to speak as freely as possible with no inhibition or resistance.  Your practitioner is very sympathetic and has deep empathy for your life experience and challenges. He wants to ensure that you have a safe space in which to express yourself.   Another person present for your conversation would block your freedom to speak.  If you wish to arrive with a friend or relative for a meet & greet prior to your session, that would be perfectly fine. However, it is best that they return later and allow you to be in a space of complete comfort free from any disturbance or distraction.

Will I remember afterwards what happened in my session?

   *  Most often, yes.  There may be periods of hazy memory however for the vast majority, the session is remembered.  That is actually a good thing since a more in-depth discussion of what you just experienced can be had.   

Do you offer a guarantee that I will be healed?   

  *  There are no guarantees relative to exactly what may be healed or how it may be healed.  Your life path is determined by your higher consciousness in conjunction with divine guidance.  As a practitioner is skilled in questioning the Higher Self to discover the possibility of releasing your need for the challenges, discomforts and/or emotional issues, a path to healing can be revealed and called forward.  Sometimes the healing is spontaneous and sometimes it unfolds over time - it depends on what is appropriate for your life path and how ready you are to release these life issues.   In any case, discovery of why we have our particular issues elicits healing will serve for improvement in your  life going forward. 

   Note that I do offer a satisfaction guarantee - if you are unable to achieve an effective trans-state due to  for example coughing fit, some intense pain (chronic or otherwise), digestive issue, family emergencies etc, then we can schedule a repeat session at no additional cost to you.     I am more focused on your positive healing experience than anything else and the universe is aware of that. 

Will QHHT work for someone who is deaf or can not speak for themselves?

  *  It is not possible for someone with this limitation to experience QHHT directly.  There may be other options in which QHHT can benefit one with these impairments.  A conversation with your practitioner is recommended to discuss and help you understand your possible options in this case.

What's the difference between a QHHT Level 2 practitioner and a Level 3 practitioner?          

  *  The Level 2 practitioner is trained at an Advanced level with all of the advanced training available to any QHHT practitioner. These advanced  techniques serve to address challenging scenarios and assist in going deeper with a client.  Since many practitioners are often versed in other healing modalities (Psychology, Reiki, Life Coaching, etc.), there's often an opportunity for the QHHT practitioner to  draw upon their other abilities and practice with their own style .  For example, intuitive skills can enable the practitioner to gain a deeper understanding of their client which leads to a closer connection and more informed questioning in-session.  While  Level 3 practitioners aren't trained with any new information, they're given an in-depth review of Dolores Cannon's methods and a deepening of the the practice in the purest form. The Level 2 practitioner has all of the training they need with more of a sense of freedom to allow their other skills into the session as inspired.  Essentially,  clients and practitioners are drawn together by no accident and one may find it easier to relate to their chosen practitioner because of their differentiating background.  Thus one will choose a Level 1, 2 or 3  based on their objectives,  availability, proximity and perhaps more importantly, how they resonate with their chosen practitioner.   Our experience shows us that  by our internal guidance we're driven towards the right practitioner for us and we always have just the right QHHT experience that is most appropriate and beneficial.     

What's the cost of a QHHT session ?    

* As a session  typically runs for  4 to 5 hours with no strict time limitation imposed. The cost of a session with Jeffrey is  at a very reasonable rate vs many other healing modalities.  A QHHT session is offered at only $333 .  Please inquire for practitioner rates if you are a counselor or are in the healing arts. 

 What are my payment options for a session?  

* Venmo, Paypal, Check, or Cash are accepted options.   Please contact us  for other possible options. 

Is it better to have an appointment in the Morning,  Afternoon or Evening? 

 The time of day is not important as long as you arrive in a relaxed state.  It is important that you are not worried about reaching an  appointment or meeting after your session and is best that you allow ample time interval between your next activity during the day of your session.  Note that your practitioner is flexible to your session time and normally the time for QHHT on that day is dedicated to your session. 

Is it a good idea to have a meal before my session?

* Yes!  it is a good idea to have a meal at some point before you arrive since you will be in session for about 4 to 5 hours .  Water is certainly available however many people often bring their own preferred water.  

Can I drink Alcohol on the day of my session?

No.  It is strongly recommended that you refrain from alcohol on the day of your session and the day before your session.  It is also recommended that you refrain from recreational drugs such as marijuana etc.  in this time frame as well.  


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