Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
Find your Purpose - Reach Your Goal


RP    -  Hopkinton, MA

My session with Jeffrey was quite amazing.  His warm, welcoming nature allowed me to relax deeply into my session with amazing results. I have  found that through this experience, I have been able to remove some  blocks and receive further understanding of my life's purpose. The depth  to which we were able to go was incredible! I am looking forward to  furthering the exploration of my past selves to encourage divine growth of my present self.   Jeffrey is an incredible facilitator for anyone  looking to understand more about their lives.    My practitioner brought me to a state of peace that I haven't experienced since childhood and I had profound release of stress.

SV  -  Pembroke, MA

It was a pleasure working with Jeffrey to dig deep into my past lives.  We were able to uncover pieces of my soul purpose which I'm beginning to bring to fruition.  Jeffrey made me feel very comfortable and was very professional in his technique.  Jeffrey has a very empathetic ear that added to my ability to relax during the session.  I highly recommend you try QHHT.  It can be life changing. 

OD  -  Oxford, MA

My QHHT session with Jeffrey was amazing,   Jeffrey's voice was smooth, calming and hypnotic. I was easily and effortlessly navigated through to the past, present and beyond. All of my questions were answered and I received much insight and healing from my higher self.  Jeffrey was professional, caring and patient. 

ES  -  Palasades Park, NJ

My session with Jeffrey was a great experience.  I felt like he listened to me like no one has ever listened to me before and I truly felt heard.  I was so relaxed through the whole process and discovered some of the things that were keeping me from finding what was really important to me.

KD  -  Boston, MA

  My  QHHT session with Jeffrey far exceeded all  expectations.  With his guidance and skill, I relaxed quickly and was  lightly conscious. I knew my higher guidance was in charge at all  times. Jeffrey is a sage soul detective; he seemed to know precisely which questions to ask, and he led me in directions that revealed the  answers I wanted....and many more. He is pleasantly persistent, and does not give up.  Jeffrey has a wonderful, calm, soothing voice, and a confident, trusting demeanor.  His presence allowed me to relax  quickly.   He is  a natural and I highly recommend QHHT with Jeffrey !! Don't think or procrastinate (like I did),   just do it!!!

BR  -  Harwich, MA

 My session with Jeffrey was great! He made me feel comfortable and safe.  He is kind sensitive and inquisitive which facilitates the process  perfect ly.  He was able to help me uncover a lot of information about  myself and I highly recommend Jeffrey for QHHT. 

BR - Portland, OR

 I am forever grateful to Jeffrey for his skill and calm demeanor through  my session. I found the session extremely beneficial. Everyone can  benefit from this type of healing! 

SC - Newton, MA

 I had one of a kind experience it Jeffrey Ashur and I can’t thank him  enough for the amazing session I had , it’s was unique it really open my  mind and ❤️     I highly recommend  it !! 

EBC - Richmond, VA

Jeffrey offered a pleasant environment and had excellent skills which  led to an enriching session.  I have no reservations or compunctions  about giving him the best of recommendations.  

Thank you Jeffrey!